First prints of printing taytay with acrylic plate + Prints now at Tofurei!

I went up to print to the people in Norwich at the beginning of this month to start giving drypoint etching a go with my acyrilic etching plates, found the plates to be rather thick for the press but I managed to get a few good ones after some playing about. Very happy with the quality of the line and have found the blue prints to be the most effective. Taytay the hare didn’t seem bothered either way when I showed her, more interested in her hay. Looking to get a online shop set up soon, but until then you can see at buy Taytay hare prints at Tofurei in Norwich, a great little micro vegan diary. Tofurei can be found on Pottergate across from Head in the Clouds and I highly recommend the soysage rolls!