Leaving my job and starting a journey into the world of a full time artist.

Tomorrow marks the last day of my time working in animal rescue, and the beginning of an exciting new journey into being a self employed artist! . It’s both exciting and scary!

Chipmunk with brambles,mistletoe and Japanese anemone

This month I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to painting and drawing with the plans to start selling art prints and I’m so happy I have! My painting and drawing has improved in a small amount of time by just dedicating some time everyday! Well I’ve happily drawn all day on some of my days off… it’s been such a boost mentally! I’ve been struggling with a life long anxiety disorder and at the end of last year I finally started getting treatment after reaching a real low point! (I tried dating, don’t recommend it if you don’t honestly feel up to it, especially Grindr, take the time for yourself first).

Rabbit skull with plantain

After being on Anxiety meds for a few months I really started to fall in love with art again, so many negative thoughts and ideas had built up in my head from old art teachers and other people, stuff like “yeah but you shouldn’t draw that, it’s not proper art” or “there’s no point to doing that, it wouldn’t make money”. When you have anxiety, and sometimes even if you don’t, these negative comments can circle round in your head and consume you every time you draw or paint. It’s taken me a while but I’ve found that love for art again, that ability to just get drawing and roll with it and see what happens! That’s kinda the beat part of art, the freedom and enjoyment you can get from it.

Little pheasant chick watercolour

Though I don’t really know if I can make it work financially I’ve given myself permission to try and believe in myself and not think of it as a never ever option. I know I will still have bad days, but on the bad days I can only hope to remind myself that those days will pass and better things can happen!

Sleeping squirrel print

Hopefully I’ll meet new like minded friends on my journey, and be part of a supportive community that I can contribute to in my own way, look forward to getting to know everyone!

Feel free to check out my Etsy, my insta and my Facebook page to stay in touch, get regular updates on how my self employment is going!

12 thoughts on “Leaving my job and starting a journey into the world of a full time artist.

  1. Good luck!
    It looks like you have lots of willpower and probably will make that happen.
    It’s a good time to start now.
    I’ve been painting and drawing for 45 years at least, but haven’t managed the sale part a lot.
    I love drawing, always have loved it, but I dislike advertising and selling art. I feel sometimes I do not want to sell it. You are probably young still and that is an advantage. I personally was new to Canada and NA when I arrived 16 years ago and I was already 46. That’s why it’s extra difficult for me.
    I think your art is appealing. Animals and birds are great as subjects. Wishing you all the best and stay safe!


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